Depending on a person’s needs, Alden Courts of Shorewood provides three distinct levels of care that represent a different stage of the dementia process. Our intricately designed environment offers an optimal setting that is non-institutional and resident-focused to enable residents to maintain their independence for as long – and safely – as possible, and respects their dignity, acknowledges their need for both privacy and community engagement, provides focused and appropriate stimulation, engages residents and encourages the participation of loved ones.

Meeting Your Loved One’s Needs

The three distinct neighborhoods at Alden Courts of Shorewood take into account the various cognitive and physical needs of residents. They are all similar in setting and each is designed to meet the needs of individuals at every stage of their journey. This innovative approach to treatment allows residents’ needs to be met along the continuum of care and ensures they receive individualized care and services throughout all stages of their journey.

Each neighborhood offers various evidenced-based, therapeutic programs and activities designed for the care of people with memory care challenges. Our daily Life Enrichment Program is delivered by trained and licensed memory care professionals and promotes structure, consistency, enjoyment and socialization while alleviating confusion and disorientation.

Additionally, the design of the neighborhoods include sensory stimulation and cueing adornments to promote independence and enhance safe navigation. The use of contrasting colors, continuous aromatherapy, maximized natural light, sensory artwork, creative shopping stations and much more highlight the innovative approaches to care that our memory care design team developed to assist your loved one in living life to the fullest. Please see our Amenities page for further information.