As part of our Life Enrichment Program, the Memory Care Wellness Dining Program at Alden Courts of Shorewood provides a quality dining experience for our residents that preserves dignity during the nourishment process, but also assists residents in eating independently for as long as possible, prevents unnecessary weight loss and increases the enjoyment of eating palatable foods.

Key benefits include:

  • Offering sensory stimulation to cue meal times and increase appetite, including the use of serene music and aromatherapy
  • Presenting meals on bold, colored plates to entice consumption, as researched at Boston University
  • Using adaptable dining equipment to ease the use of utensils and cups
  • Serving meals in a tiered-step approach
  • Offering bite-size finger foods, specially created by our Executive Chef, to increase independent eating
  • Monitoring and prompting of food intake and consumption to maximize nourishment at each meal
  • Ensuring proper hydration
  • Using brain healthy foods guided by our Herbalist and Ayurveda Educator
  • Modeling through staff and resident table time
  • A Walk-to-Dine Program that maintains dignity and promotes quality of life
  • Specialized programming to reinforce feeding skills
  • Trained and licensed memory care professionals to provide assistance day or night

Alden Courts of Shorewood’s Commitment to Resident Nutrition and Intake

The researchers at the Vision & Cognition Lab of the Center for Clinical Biopsychology at Boston University report that 40% percent of individuals with severe Alzheimer’s lose an unhealthy amount of weight. They believe this might be explained by the visual-cognitive deficiencies caused by Alzheimer’s that affect the ability to see and remain interested in food based on its presentation. People with Alzheimer’s cannot process visual data—like contrast and depth perception.

However, the use of bold, colored plates – like those being used at Alden Courts of Shorewood – has been shown to increase food intake by 25%. To read more, click here.